Soon only with gruner plaque in the city

Soon only with gruner plaque in the city

Munchen, 13. November 2009 – for three years, a ban on transport for cars without environmental badges has been considered in many german cities. While you have so far been allowed in many places with yellow and partly with red sticker, the scheme will now spark in many city.

In berlin and hanover only with grun

The strongest affects berlin and hanover. There can be from 1. January 2010 only cars with gruner plaque in the zone. Also in frankfurt am main goes from 2010 the level two, but there can be yellow and grun to the center. In munchen, the same form of the level starts two only in october 2010. Only with gruner plaque in the city may be allowed am main from 2012 and at the isar from october 2012. Currently, the city of stuttgart announced that already from 1. July 2010 vehicles with red plaque no longer in the environmental zone can be retracted – one and a half years earlier than originally planned. How the changes are handled in the individual municipalities is best to learn the websites of the respective city.

Exceptions for vintage cars

In many of the city there are exceptions for the entrance to the environmental zone. For example, severely handicapped with the mark "AG", "H" or "BI" in the ID card also without a badge. Even vintage cars with H license plates are freed from the scheme. For two- and three-bread you do not need a badge. Limit: quads and trikes must be approved as a motorcycle or agricultural and forestry machine. Residents, removal trolleys, craftsmanship or vehicles with a foreign at the age of foreigners, on the other hand, are not freed from the plaque obligation.