Sonny-boys: audi a5 and s5 cabriolet

Sonny-boys: audi a5 and s5 cabriolet

Ingolstadt, 3. December 2008 – audi, of all companies, with its otherwise rather straightforward approach to design, launched the sweeping and elegant A5 in 2007 and powerfully invigorated the senses of its drivers – an experience that no other audi had been able to offer in this casual form before. It’s hard to do without the elegantly cut roof of the coupe, but you have to be able to make sacrifices for fresh air sometimes.

Fully automatic soft top as standard

But ahead to the facts: the new convertible from ingolstadt is 4.63 meters long and only 1.38 meters high. The windshield is surrounded by a frame with aluminum trim. The rear is characterized by a discreet tear-off edge on the trunk lid and a color-contrasting diffuser insert. Those who order the open A5 with xenon headlights also get combination rearlights with ledss. Like all open-top models from audi, the A5 cabriolet also has a classic soft top that opens in 15 seconds and closes in 17 seconds – fully automatically as standard.

Heating for the head

In the interior audi promises comfortable space for four people. Automatic seatbelt retractors ensure comfort on the front seats. A head-space heating system is also available at extra cost: channels at the top of the backrest allow warm air to flow out, warming the back of the head and neck. In the optional leather seats, a special coating reduces the heating effect. The trunk holds 380 liters. The soft-top tray folds down automatically into the trunk when the top is opened, taking up only a few centimeters of space. This leaves 320 liters for luggage. With the backrests folded down, the storage volume can be increased to up to 750 liters.

Push-out nozzles for rollover protection

A whole bundle of additional reinforcements compensates for the elimination of the fixed roof. They are used in the front, side skirts, windshield frame and rear of the vehicle. In the event of an imminent overturning, aluminum supports behind the rear head restraints slide upwards as rollover protection. In the event of a side impact, head-thorax sidebags in the doors provide protection.