Shortly informed: opnv, bnd law, windows 10, perseverance

Shortly informed: OPNV, BND law, Windows 10, Perseverance

Contagion risk in the OPNV

Some a passenger is currently concealing the concern to be attacked in buses and tracks with covid-19 – whether this is justified, is now closed scientifically. The research organization of the berlin charite examines at least 650 selected commuters in the rhine-main verkehrsverbund for five weeks. The results of the contract research institute are expected to be available in april. The pandemic had brought the OPNV 2020 a historic burglary. On an annual average, there were only 40 percent of the full demand, the association of german transport companies announced. The study should now provide a scientific basis for discussions about infection paths.

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Journalists call for better source protection

The organized journalism in germany sees source protection in the current draft for the neufang of the BND law not sufficiently guaranteed. Although confidentiality relations of journalists and journalists were provided under protection, but the bill must be reworked, but demand journalists associations, publishers and public broadcasting. "The protection must not be limited to personal data, but must include the entire editorial secrecy", it is called in a joint communication of the combination and broadcasting institutions.

Installation problems through windows update

Two servicing stack updates for windows 10 and windows server blocked the installation of other updates and had to be accessed. Now microsoft has released a revision update for the affected systems. The new servicing stack update should eliminate the bug that leads to installation hangers. For machines on which the faulty S block the installation of other security updates at 24 percent of the installation progress, microsoft suggests the empty of the windows update component store as a workaround.

Perseverance lands on the mars

Perseverance arrived at mars and has convinced both the impact on the martian surface and did the landing in the jezero crater. The landing was a great challenge than the process of curiosity. Not only is the mass this time significantly high, but also the landing area is clearly risky. The jezero crater was selected because there was a water basin long ago allowed. Researchers hope to find indications of early life there and learn more about the geological history of mars.