Short film festival on the farm

From 90 seconds to 40 minutes: the short film lives and is particularly interesting for new and independent artists

If you start first movie trials, this is rarely in typical feature film length of 90 minutes: even if the material costs in the video age are no longer the problem, the format is first not exactly creative. Short stories are easier to give an unexpected turn

The small town gives way to bavaria is close to buchloe in the district of ostallgau and this in turn is still well reachable by munchchen. Nevertheless, you are in the middle of the country, which makes it possible to acquire a whole farm favorable and to make a cultural center from it, as realized in the soft courtyard house, in which alternatively to high-tech is all possible space.

Short film festival on the farm

Mobile satellite gummando: the truck of "MMZ" in the yard of the hofhaus

Current, for two days, the allgauer short film festival "depth sharf 2004". That sounds like local colorite, but the participants come to bremen in the small town. Overall 38 filmmakers and teams show 46 short films in parallel in two cinemas: one on the tenne, one in the backyard. Thanks to projectors and DVD, the projection is a state-of-the-art and full digital, although even 16 mm films are shown – and must be expected with imagery by weighted bat.

With a duration of daily 19 to 3 o’clock that sounds like a lot of seats, but the program starts with the films of the young people and changes to midnight up to no more youthless works. In "clutch, brake, gas" A car size takes place, the trash komodie works "high ludelity" with the social hierarchy of the author.

Short film festival on the farm

The beer garden is filled thanks to coarse interest on the short films only in the breaks

In addition, party with dance flat, internet cafe and exhibitions like "making of", the "mobile media center allgau-oberland" with truck and satellite firing, as well as various other illumination and engineering buses. That is why the parkchaos breaks out, eargoer alexander weub not – 600 visitors love themselves last year without problems.

The actions and contents of the films are very different – co-organizer alexander weib has already seen all films, music videos and animated films in advance. In addition to tragic, humorous and love stories, documentation will also be shown. In the run-up, the organizers had visited several small, independent film festivals to find the mostly unknown, hopeful filmmakers and could add themselves in addition to more than 60 submissions from all over germany.

Short film festival on the farm

The shortest post takes 90 seconds, the longest 40 minutes. One of the highlights of the independent film festival is the transfer of the auditor’s feed: the best movie will be saturday after midnight with the "golden deer" excellent. After that, the party with lifemusik still runs into the early morning. The first event initiated as an experiment is therefore quite successful and could help the entry of new filmmakers.