“Ride on the razor blade”

Data protection warns against the development of the information society towards the monitoring company

The schleswig-holstein data protection officer helmut baumler warns of the ever-gross risks and threats for the privacy and for fundamental rights. Development for the information society worldwide the same one "ride on the razor blade". Baumler has his 23 today. Techniquity report. He warns that the risk of the surveillance state was by no means banned. In addition, the danger of the monitoring company.

The video surveillance technique not only take to public bursts, but also in department stores, shopping arguments, buses, railways and private land. There were more opportunities today because each people secretly watch. Movements in the private and public space can be recorded minutios.

Genetic engineering allows even deeper insight into people. With their help, errors can be analyzed, disease disease, characteristics of humans. There are already small blood or saliva drops, single hair. Today, not only gross laboratories could perform genoma realtys that are necessary for the necessary technology to buy everyone at affordable prices, warns the report. Federal data protection joachim jacob had therefore demanded legal regulations a few weeks ago to prevent abuse.

The development in the public sector requires baumler also with concern. Thus, he criticizes the previous autumn of the interior ministers conference unanimously adopted plan to commit the internet providers to save the art for six months for six months, who visited what website how long. This became one "extreme monitoring of information behavior, but also the consumption and leisure interest rate of millions of internet users to make some doses on step and occurs", warnt baumler.

Also little enthusiasm lost at baumler the cyberkriminalitete agreement adopted this week in the council of europe. Baumler criticizes that the cyberkriminalitete agreement "with rule of legislation does not circulate and the interests of law enforcement are stressed on one side". He showed himself detuned that before a major debate in the parliaments could take place, all reminders of burger lawlers, companies and privacy companies were beaten into the wind. (see also a gross step towards the european surveillance state and should be illegal hosting a crime?To)

The independent country center for privacy in schleswig-holstein leads regular controls in administration and economy. The data protections rarely stated eclatant clarifications against the applicable law. However, in the areas of security and mandatory remedy of data processing, they found deficiency in almost all controls. Although the horror is roughly rough for coarse glitches such as the i-love-you-virus, in everyday life, however, safety standards "sacrificed on the altar of speed and short circuits cost savings", so tree. Lack of data security are mostly based on management error.