On all fours: noble four-wheeled combi in the duel

On all fours: noble four-wheeled combi in the duel

Munchen, 19. June 2008 – who calls a limousine or combination of the upper middle class, especially as of german production and with six cylinders, it was allowed to be out of the most coast – these dates are on company parks or on noble shopping braided expression of it that you can brought to something. Therefore, therefore, hurt this caliber’s gross interest among car fans, because who wife, maybe you can also make it even the upgrade of vectra kombi or passat variant to the top trio from german land. Reason enough for us to take the all-wheel variants of audi A6 avant, BMW 5 series touring and mercedes E-class T-model – with automatic transmission – once more closely under the magnifying glass.

Engine / gear

A greater topic in the car is and remains the decision between diesel and gasoline. Apart from the kilometers hazard, the environmental contract, growing uncertainty about the development of fuel prices as well as taxpayers and not to forget the acquisition costs, above all, the different driving characteristics of the two engine principles play a crucial role. With our comparison we have with the audi A6 avant quattro 3.0 TDI a self-cord two petrol models, the BMW 530xi touring and mercedes E 350 T model 4matic, opposite.

From 233 to 272 hp

The engine with the nominal lowest performance has in this trio as well as the audi. The three-liter diesel of the ingolstadter makes 233 hp and accelerates the A6 avant in 7.4 seconds to tempo 100. The munchner competitor also calls a three-liter aggregate its own. Here are 272 horses and a fleet acceleration time of 7.1 seconds on the have side. Under the bonnet of the mercedes E 350 a 3.5 liter coarse gasoline engine operates, which also generates a power of 272 hp. For the 100 km / h sprint, the stuttgart luxury vice uses exactly 7.4 seconds.