New instrument

New instrument

Detroit (USA), 16. January 2014 – since the maxima, which is no longer offered here for ten years, nissan has disappeared from the upper middle class of europe. In the US, the successor model is currently popular. The manufacturer shows a potential successor with the study sport sedan concept at the automesse naias in detroit (until 26. January 2014) in the color of noble violins.

The 4.87 meter quarter is the concept cars resonance and the friend-me, both of 2013, already the third study, which shows the artistic brand design. Their optics are surprised by a V-formed frontpiece, a seemingly floating roof and bumerang-forming headlamps and lights. These features should be implemented in the art of many models from the sedan to crossover.


The lowered roof line and stately 21-inch roller with 275er tires make the sedan dynamic effect. An optical clou is the caught floating roof: this impression is generated by a color contrast in the C-saule. The paint is called "strad amber" and was inspired by the color classic stradivari instruments. Their depth owes the painting of an orange-amber coating on a golden primer. In addition, there are indications of art model models. Here are mainly diamond-fashionable, three-dimensionally acting graphics on the quilted seats and shallow on.

The concept vehicle is powered by a 300 hp 3.5-liter V6 engine, which leads its strength over a sporty xtronic CVT transmission to the front preview. In addition, the study has high performance steamer. When the sport sedan comes to the market and which name he will ultimately carry, has not yet been announced.