Little brother: the new mitsubishi asx on test

Little brother: the new mitsubishi asx on test

Trebur, 30. April 2010 – suvs didn’t do quite as well last year as most segments except small and micro cars actually did. Nevertheless, this type of vehicle has firmly established itself in the market, especially the VW tiguan has caught the fancy of car buyers. Recently, at the lowest end of the price scale, even dacia wants to play with the duster, it could even succeed. From june 2010 the next candidate enters the stage: the mitsubishi ASX. We had the opportunity to drive a pre-series specimen.

Design with a familiar touch

Visually, the mitsubishi ASX (which owes its name to a 2001 study) looks like a shrunken outlander. Especially in the front view you have to look twice to find differences. The wide-open "jetfighter"-grille is already familiar from other models of the brand, accentuated wheel arches give the vehicle a stocky look. All in all, the ASX presents itself in an unagitated, matter-of-fact way; there are no senseless design outgrowths. When looking at the side view, we notice the very short rear overhang, which has a relational background: although the ASX is a good 35 centimeters shorter than the outlander, both vehicles share the same wheelbase of 2.67 meters. Overall, 70 percent of the ASX components come from the outlander, only the rear floor structure has been newly developed.

Small coarse

With a length of 4.29 meters, the ASX is slightly shorter than the nissan qashqai and hyundai ix35, while the VW tiguan is 13 centimeters longer. Despite this, the mitsubishi has a wheelbase that is seven centimeters longer than the VW. The result is noticeable when opening the relatively narrow rear doors: in the rear, people up to 1.90 meters find sufficient space, only the headrests can not be pulled out far enough. The trunk is on a classy level with at least 416 liters, only the coarser VW tiguan offers significantly more with 470 liters. A practical feature of the ASX is a 30-liter storage compartment under the luggage compartment floor. In addition, the split backrests fold down together with the seat belts to form a flat surface.