Hackathon of esa, nasa jaxa: with satellite data against corona and climate crisis

Hackathon of ESA, NASA & AMP; Jaxa: with satellite data against Corona and climate crisis

The space agencies in europe, the USA and japan organize a hackathon to better use data from earth observation programs and overlook the consequences of the corona pandemic. The ESA, the NASA and the jaxa now participate, should take place the event of 23. Until 29. June. The hackathon should therefore take place virtually and the participants: inside with expert: connect the inside of the room travel agencies. Various challenges should be solved, the victorious team becks a integration of their technology that "earth observation dashboard".

A year "EO-dashboard"

With the hackathon, the parties want to celebrate the first birthday of this dashboards. The european portal had been opened in june 2020 and combines satellite data of the EU earth observation program copernicus with analysis of environmental parameters and measured values of human activities. It should, above all, should make the afterweight of the then young coronavirus pandemic, the first lockdown, and the then ongoing phase of the interim recurrence of the economy of the economy, transparent to the smallest regions transparent. Meanwhile, the ESA cooperates with the partners from the US and japan.

On the basis of data collected in space, for example, changes in the air and water quality, as well as economic and human activities, can be seen in-lovingly industry, shipping, construction, traffic and agricultural productivity. New applications should now be developed in the hackathon, in the area of several specific challenges, for example to greenhouse gases. Further details and the registration form is available on a specially furnished website. To participate, those are explicitly interested, which never before "chopped" to have.

The pandemic in satellite images of the ESA

Hackathon of ESA, NASA & AMP; Jaxa: with satellite data against Corona and climate crisis

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