Driving report: vw polo gti

Driving report: vw polo gti

Initially, the most fleeting polo was not allowed to wear the short GTI. When the cheap copy of an audi 50 started, first the second polo got the chance to settle with much more power from the weaker models. Today with the 115 hp of the first G40 in this class no state to make more. To keep up with competitors like the opel corsa OPC, it must be 200 hp already. A first short exit should clear whether that is actually too more laufspab.


The color red should be marked for a GTI. This is no different: red painted the brake caliper, red the line that runs on the kuhler grill and continue in the dark LED headlights, red the decorative seam in the interior, among others on the fibmmonds and the seats. Add to that on the front an additional spoiler lip below, the boiler grill in honeycomb optics, mass-maby fog lights, a two-tone roof spoiler, double tailpipe, rims in the GTI look and dark LED tail lights.

All this is natural only, depending on the taste quite smooth, beiwerk. Above all, the target group was more important to be a significant demarcation to the weaker models in terms of performance. The two-liter four-cylinder offers 200 hp and 320 nm. Even if the polo GTI is heavier than a half tonne than he first polo G40, this is of course for spirited performance. VW calls as a corner data 6.7 seconds for the sprint on tempo 100 and a highest speed of 237 km / h. The latter we could not try, but the polo GTI acts in virtually every situation over-powered. Striking is a slight delay in the gas acceptance. Here VW could probably improve with an update quickly.

For now only with DSG

Until the summer of 2018 there is a forced coupling with a six-speed DSG. Over two rockers on the steering wheel can also be switched manually. Of this possibility, however, it is probably hardly any use of any use, because the switching strategy of the DSG almost always fits pretty much. From the summer of 2018 there will also be the polo GTI with manual transmission.

In sports mode, the course is turned out to the stop, which works a bit understeer. The suspension becomes a bit praiser and the steering a tick directly. At the same time the rush edges: the sound becomes more accurately, if one takes speed, intermediate gas and simulated misalitations should probably prefer even more dynamics than anyway already exists anyway. The polo GTI did not actually have such players. Off the sport mode, the polo GTI is a nice, quiet contemporary, which does not annoy neither environment nor inmates by an unnotried high amustere level.