Bmw and toyota cooperation cooperation

BMW delivers toyota’s art diesel engines and works closely with the japanese in research. Both corporations agreed on thursday in tokyo a corresponding partnership – and want to examine further projects. This has the clearance of 28.11. 2011 confirmed. For the munchner it is the first cooperation with a japanese manufacturer. "We see our partnership as an important step waiting," said BMW sales board ian robertson at a press conference on the edge of the tokyo motor show in the japanese capital. With the alliance of the manufacturer, the auto industry is a cooperation richer and stronger the trend to cooperate competitors.

The two manufacturers want to work together in basic research for battery technology, especially in the further development of lithium-ion technology, which is considered important key technology for the development of electromobility. "It clearly makes sense for two experienced and innovative companies, their strength and experience to bundling", said BMW development board klaus draeger. Toyota applies approximately to hybrid drives as a guided. The batteries are important for both the coupling of combustion and e-motors, but also for pure electric vehicles probably the crucial component.

BMW also supplies toyota both with 1,6- and with 2.0-liter diesel engines. The japanese industry giant wants to use the economical engines mainly to expand its own pallet of consumable vehicles. Over stucco numbers and the financial framing data, the companies did not give any information.

Bavaria have already made the sale of engines to other manufacturers in front of a larger part of their strategy, but toyota is the first heavyweight. Although the giant had suffered in recent months under mass sugar and the place of life suffered in japan, but still belong under the car evaders for the world’s top trio with VW and general motors.

So far, BMW has signed a delivery contract with saab. But because of the possible bankruptcy of the swedish carmaker, the delivery is in question. The US police car manufacturer carbon motors wants more than 240, according to 2010.Obtain 000 diesel engines of the munchner, but still has problems to put the car at all on the raders. The agreement with toyota is thus an important step for the munchner in engine business.

The delivery of motors despite partly long existing cooperations was a long time as a tricky, because motors are not just the heart of the car, but also an important unique selling point for brands. But the high costs for development force many corporations to cooperate, also at this point. The production of many other parts have extended the manufacturers long. For a long time, for example, headlights, tires, seats, airbags or windows and entire components are now mostly supplied parts.

For the munchner it is not the first cooperation with another manufacturer. BMW works with hybrid drives with the motor partner PSA peugeot citroen. The projects are only on. Especially for a comparison with volkswagen rather small carmakers like BMW, such projects will become increasingly important.

At the top of the wish list of manufacturers are cost reductions. Without cooperation, this is hard to create. The costly development alternative drives has increased the prere yet. But that such projects can also be difficult, we have to experience volkswagen with his japanese partner suzuki.