Black unity collection: apple attaches special edition of the watch

Black Unity Collection: Apple attaches special edition of the WATCH

The apple watch will give it for the first time as a limited special edition at apple: with the "black unity collection" you want to "celebrate black story and black culture and gold", as the company announced on tuesday. The new variant of apple watch series 6 is only sold on february and should no longer be consuming.

The new, held in the colors of the pan-african flag bracelet will remain individually but on sale, so apple. With watchos 7.3 also follows a new, appropriate unity dial sheet. The operating system update should be shared with ios 14.4 still appear on tuesday.

Watch special edition only in february

The special edition of the watch is apparently the ALU version of the apple watch series 6 with special caption on the back side. Apple wants the "black unity collection" to offer the full price for this model variant from almost 430 euros. The black unity sports bracelet is sold for just under 50 euros. It will be composed of individual colored rubber prints by hand and pressed into a unit, the manufacturer writes.

Apple has also called to support six organizations to "equal rights and burger rights" to demand, including the european network against racism (enar) and the black lives matter support fund. In which high the grants fail, the group did not know.

Black history month in apple services

In february, apple also wants to introduce various offers around the black history month in his services to face black artists, developers and companies in the foreground. Apple has already been explored to want to demand black colleges and projects in the US with millions of universities so as to provide great opportunities for equal opportunities.