Arab signs against wildbiesler

Bangladesh uses the sacral image of the crossroads

The bavarian language knows words, for which there is no really good correspondence in the high german. For example "wildbiesler". This is a (mostly manual) person who performs your emergency in places that are not intended for it. Of course, this happens under alcohol influence – for example at the munchner oktoberfest, where resident wildbiesler increasingly perceive as a problem.

Therefore, a resident has reasonably confidenced such persons to film and show the videos on youtube. However, this could lead to legal problems in germany. The council of the police to turn to them instead of the youtube public, however, is little practical because they will let at least wild biesler until a patrol car is coming.

In bangladesh, one has now found a deterrent method that is very effective and without youtube: there, the abords replaced ineffective urinine verbodits in the national language bengalisch (which is written in an indian font) with such in arabic. This language is not understood by most inhabitants, but recognized because they are muslims. Because they know the signs from the koran, most men who wanted to facilitate, back when they see the signs and move their little business.

Advertising video of the department of religion of bangladesh

Although the campaign was initiated by religious minister matior rahman, who points out in a promotional video that manners were able to visit one of the numerous mosques with strong urinary urn, one of the numerous mosques that offer sanitary facilities, it does not work on all bangladeshis on undivided approval: the influential cleric fariduddin masud complained to the portal natunbarta, the use of such purposes minor long term the reputation of the arab language, which is why the government has no right to use it.

In other countries, the method is only effective when two prerequisites are given: firstly, the inhabitants (or at least with the wildbieslers) must be largely about muslims. And secondly, they do not talk about arabic, but have highly superficial knowledge of this language. But even if these two prerequisites are given, there is a risk that the effect is wearing faster than the wildbiesler won on a behavioral change.