A-class e-cell: test drive in an electric mercedes

A-class e-cell: test drive in an electric mercedes

Valencia (spain), 10. December 2010 – apart from the missing exhaust, the electric version of the mercedes A-class can hardly be distinguished from its counterpart with a combustion engine when the vehicle is stationary. We are all the more excited about the impressions during a first test drive – after all, politics and industry are predicting a rough future for electromobility in germany too.

Noiseless start

The A-class E-cell is moved forward by an electric motor that delivers a peak output of 70 kw (95 hp). The continuous output is 50 kw (68 PS). The noiseless starting of an electric car is also fascinating with the E-cell. You will probably only get used to it if you regularly use electric vehicles. The electric benz set in motion almost silently. After a short period of habitation, I use the traffic light stop on a well-developed four-lane road to get an impression of the sprinting capabilities of the A-class E-cell. When it turns green, I kick that "accelerator" and experience immediately what it means when a torque of 290 nm is available from the first rotation.

Winner in the traffic light sprint

The electric A-class is extremely draughty and, above all, driven forward absolutely evenly. That makes driving fun, is comfortable and ensures that I can soon only make out the cars that have started at the same time in the rearview mirror. This experience is usually reserved for drivers of powerful sports cars. The mercedes accelerates quickly, especially in the first few meters, reaching 60 km / h in 5.5 seconds. But the electric motor doesn’t have much to gain on top of that, and up to 100 km / h it takes a total of 14 seconds. The E-cell is finally limited at 150 km / h – in favor of power consumption and thus the range of the vehicle.