18 Percent potential for sarrazin party

The former berlin financial senator still wants to stay in the SPD

Summer seems past this year at the beginning of september, the summer hole takes all the longer. Picture on sunday tried to fullen by asking the EMNID institute, how many burgers were electioned by the controversial attention-artist thilo sarrazin party. The potentially 18 percent that came out are not necessarily surprising in view of other surveys in the youngest past, which does not hurt the axel-springer publisher, the result as "shock for the established parties" showcase. An actually not quite uninteresting detail, which brought forsa to light, however, is that the convenient for sarrazin calculated in left party electors is significantly over the average, of which 29 percent. By contrast, only 17 percent for him were voted by union elections.

The result, however, insofar as sarrazin supposedly does not think about ground a new political grouping or to join a non-established: the focus he said he has "ideas in mind", no parties. Currently, it seems doubtful if that on the 30. August initiated party relay procedures for exclusion from the SPD leads – even because the party’s performance sees itself confronted with a flood of letters, in which members and the wahler with the huguenot explain solidarity.

Thilo sarrazin. Photo: nina. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0.

Is equally not secured that the former berlin financial senator loses its post in the bundesbank: he informed, namely, as now known, the board already on the 16th. August over his book germany manages, without the contradiction, which has become loud there, why one was allowed to move along with reference to the mabigungsgebot questions, which could be unpleasant to the other members in one way or another. Effective is one along only if she signed federal president wulff. Sarrazin has already announced, in this case, to restrict the legal road. Tomorrow morning he wants to appear at his workplace and in the face of the statements withdrawn the day with the answer of "burgerpost" spend.