Report: bmw plant electric scooter

The motorcycle manufacturer BMW apparently builds its model range: according to a report of the berlin newspaper (thursday) BMW is expected to launch an electric scooter in two years. The boss of the BMW motorcycle division, hendrik of kuenheim, said the newspaper, currently developed such a vehicle. In about two years, the production of the E-roller should start in the berlin work. The scooter must create at least 100 kilometers with a battery charge, said the son of the long-term BMW boss eberhard von kuenheim. "Also 100 km / h must be in it." that was the market research.

BMW has repeatedly tested the audience reaction over the past two years. At the end of 2009, the manufacturer presented the study C1-E, an electric scooter that is conceptually conceived for the earlier production model C1. The C1 was produced only for about four years, its production set in 2004. He had a kind of security cell, which was at the same time weather protection, was allowed to be driven without a helmet, but eventually failed at his high price. In september 2010, BMW showed the next electric scooter who "miniscoer e concept" however, was a conventional concept that is strongly rising to the mini brand.

BMW could ate even more at the end of 2010 with the maxi-roller concept C. First, BMW already announced a series production in the berlin plant – and second, one already thought about a version with electric motor after. The magazine motorcycle wants to have already discovered a groober at a factory visit to marz 2011, whose hardening was briefly suited by a windstob.

As evidence of that the concept C should soon come as electric scooters, such instructions are not inescapable. The concept C is an actually prudestinized grobroller according to the example of suzuki burgman, who has justified this segment. Although an electrical version of a conventionally motorized scooter goods from production technology advantageous, but a target range of real 100 kilometers language rather for a city-compatible everyday vehicle. An electrical successor of the C1 was probably more friends than his process, because he was offered a reasonable affordable possibility to possess everyday electric vehicle.