Record: apple’s boral value achieves two trillion dollars

Record: Apple's boral value achieves two trillion dollars

Apple’s boren value has risen for the first time on the threshold of two trillion US dollars – a new record mark. After a 24-hour course plus on more than $ 467, the market capitalization of the california iphone group marked the new milestone on wednesday.

The achievement of this historic brand is the result of a tremendous price rally – at the beginning of the year, the stock had still cost nearly $ 300. Apple was only used in august 2018 as the first US group into the financial history, which made a thirteenth rating at the borse.

If the company had still needed on 42 years for the first trillion, the second was not added in barely more than two years. This artist can be interpreted as a proof of the persistently rough economic success, which apple continues to have its products as the iphone despite a global economic crisis due to the corona pandemic.

High reviews for US IT corporations

However, it is also an indicator of the extremely high ratings of tech companies in general and the investment print at the financial markets flooded by cheap central bank money. Also apple’s US rivals microsoft and amazon control the boral value on the two with the two zeros, even if on wednesday with 1.6 trillion in the windows giant or 1.65 trillion dollars in the world-growing online handler still a good stucco lacked.