New ford mondeo comes until the end of 2014

The 2004-planned retreat of the factory in belgian genk has far-reaching consequences for ford. Originally, the new mondeo should run from the band. Since a conversion of production is no longer worthwhile, the production will now be relocated to spain. However, this means a significant delay for the next mondeo, which is now not to come to the market in 2013, but only at the end of 2014, such as the magazine car, motor and sport reported.

Should these tarpaulins, ford’s heavy times standing in the house. Because the successor to the current model was already presented in september 2012 the handler. A delay of more than two years was allowed to continue to send in the cellar between january and october 2012 by almost five percent towards the previous year, continue to send in the cellar. That the new german model very similar US model fusion was officially presented in january 2012 and is now in the market in the american market – that was allowed to improve the situation for handler in this country.

The current mondeo has been on the market since mid-2007 and was handled two years ago. The basic model is powered by a 1,6-liter four-cylinder with 120 hp and currently costs 23.950 euros. The varied three-cylinder will no longer get this generation. The mondeo is offered as a centrifugal and as a station wagon tournament that this stage was taken from the program in marz 2010. The station wagon costs 1000 euros more than the flyback, but is much more popular in this country.