Merkel gives e-car target, criticism of green and spd

The grunes see in the notes of chancellor angela merkel (CDU) that germany does not create the goal of one million electric cars by 2020, a bankruptcy declaration. That the car country germany is then thanks to a federal chancellor, which does not make the topic with the topic, said grunen faction vice oliver krischer today the german press agency. The task of the goal is an "climate and industrial policy bankruptcy declaration". Minister of economic affairs brigitte cypries and environment minister barbara hendricks (both SPD) said that electric mobility was "of outstanding meaning" for germany.

The federal government had set itself the goal of bringing a million electric cars on german straps through purchase incentives by 2020. The sale runs despite a pramie of up to 4000 euros but only sluggish. Merkel had said on monday on a corporate congress of the union faction: "as it looks right now, we will not achieve this goal."For example, smartphones, one knows that certain technical developments are spread from" suddenly exponentially "a certain point.

"Instead of being consistent instead of electromobility, the federal chancellor has stopped its protective hand over the diesel for years," critical critishes. In the end, in the end, they are shinging at the end, instead of finally the frame for the breakthrough of the electric cars.

Merkel’s cancellation is not good at the state-made SPD ministers. E-mobitat is "of paramount importance in germany for industry and the environment, said economic minister brigitte cypries and environment minister barbara hendricks german press agency. "Our ambitious goals for the electromobility in germany should not be easily abandoned, but prefer to consider how we make germany to the leitmarkt and leitiv provider for electromobilitat."Otherwise, both the car location germany and environmental goals are in danger.