Google down: youtube, gmail and other google services are not available

Since monday afternoon, several google services are no longer available. The video platform youtube spits off a bail page, also the google play store is no longer available. Other google services, including youtube music, gmail, google calendar and google’s cloud services do not work anymore.

The google search can be used, on the other hand, as usual. Other services, including, among other things, can be used at least without account linking, so for example in incognito mode of the browser. Also youtube music can still be used in free mode without registration. It is possible that the problem is greeted in google account management. Google has not yet become a bad out.

On his status dashboard google shows all his services as "offline" at. Downdectector on the storage side.COM report affected users among others from the USA, australia and several european countries.

Meanwhile, google shows a tram on his dashboard for all his services. Information about the causes and the possible time for the correction of the disruption does not do this. It only leads to the respective service that the problem was known and the affected users could not access services.

Meanwhile, google services as well as youtube and other offers gradually come back; registration at services like youtube music goes again and after. The reason for the complete loss of all its services google does not call so far.

Google is currently waiting after the disruption was obviously fixed, with information about the reason of the failure further. "You can be sure that system relativity is one of the highest priorities on google and we try to perfect our system through stable improvement" and that no further information has been published in the status dashboard, it is so far lapidar. The behavior of various services during the disruption, which were further usable in an anoymen mode or without registration, but lets a failure of the account infrastructure or. Troubles in the login servers shut.

In the meantime google’s cloud division on twitter has identified a storage space ie in the login system as a blame of the default.