Favorite car of the adac?

Munchen, 14. January 2014 – according to information of the suddeutsche zeitung from tuesday the auto club ADAC should have manipulated the alleged favorite car of german manipulated. According to press report, only 3409 votes for the winning car VW golf should have given. An ADAC paper of december 2013, however, as an official result for the winner of the "yellow angel" 34.299 votes called. But the club does not want to call concrete numbers. "We did not manipulate numbers," said the ADAC spokeswoman marion-maxi hartung on tuesday in munchen.

How many readers of the member magazine ADAC – motorwelt have participated in the popularity tuning, will not be announced. "Fact is that in recent years, we have sporadically published the exact results of the rider’s election (for example in 2011 and 2012, in 2013, however not)," adac spokesman said christian garrels. "An automatism or even a customized commitment is not here."

Uniformly eliminated?

However, the premieges to the club are still much further. Understanding the club, the lobbying, against which he keeps the members against each other, such as E10 gasoline, zero-per-thousand border, or car toll. The accusation of "fighter journalism in favor of steel and automobillobby" is also in the room, which suddeutsche zeitung with the apparently intransparent choice of favorite cars of the germans associated. The power true is almost involved in a person: michael ramstetter, editor-in-chief of the member magazine ADAC – motorwelt and simultaneous communication leader of the club, which invented the price "yellow angel" in 2004.

To the SZ-according to the report, the ADAC spoke in 2012 from 290.000 participants of the vote, but actually only 76.000 paid votes paid. Hartung spaced "some ambiguities" in recent years. These have now been eliminated. "So far, there was no binding rules in the election to the ‘favorite car’, which has occasionally guided by individual manufacturers after the publication of the results," said the ADAC spokeswoman. "For example, in 2013, many disobey voices were delivered in the category ‘favorite car’ and taken as appropriately."Volkswagen boss martin winterkorn is said to be the price on thursday (16.1.) receive in munchen. To the celebration, the ADAC expects around 400 guests from industry, business and politics.