Chechnya: kadyrow desires

The murder of nemzov made the power struggle between the moscow security services and the chechen ruler

On the statement of the then russian president medwediev, was on 17. April 2009 conceded the end of the so-called anti-terror action in chechnya. Under this name, the second chechnyan war started in 1999, which demanded crisp under the civilian victim and was carried by both sides with terror and goalor. From russian militar circles announced that the decision of political leadership could lead to that about 20.000 soldiers, intelligenceers and participants of special units of militia, which in chechnya so far in the context of the "anti-terror action" operated step for step deducted. The 42. Motorized protection division and the 46. Automous brigade of the interrelation of the ministry of interior are stationed in the long run in chechnya and were left in the partial republic.

In chechnya since then, however, only seemingly peace has been returned. Rather is to speak of a cemetery rest. Wiladimir putin had taken account of the ancient conflicts in the north caucasus when he picked up his extermination against the chechen mudschahedin? As a former intelligence officer he knew that he could only meet the rebels with disappointing from their own ranks. He succeeded in bringing the baptized bandenfuhrer ramzan kadyrov, who had a name for himself as a resistance cusp, torturer and killer in chechnya, to boot.

Ramzan kadyrov, whose officer’s and father was tattered by a bomb, has caused some relaxation. A considerable number of trafficers had accepted his amnesty offer. Remarkable restructuring services were performed, the destructed city, especially the capital grosny, are newly risen from the ruins. But chechen has nevertheless remained kadyrow.

Chechnya: Kadyrow desires

Ramzan kadyrov on his website

Observers do not intervene that his demonstrative prospectuses were able to turn into open hostility somewhere to putin. So far, all putin is PUTIN personal kadyrows loyalitat. Nobody recognizes others as a caritation. Through his latest threat, his troops were pushed on policemen from other regions of russia, they should be active in chechnya, with simultaneous devotional addresses on putin, this political style is visible to kadyrov’s visible.

Due to financial constituents, the kremlin has succeeded in holding chechnya formally within russia, whereby kadyrov did not pay attention to moscow’s instructions in his official guide. Since he himself was inviolable, chechnya became a jerking resort for criminal bands, which are active in russia and over its borders. For the security authorities in moscow this has long been an arrangement.

After the murder of the opposition politician boris nemzow, all traces led to the caucasus. From the battaillon sewer stationed in grosny, which is officially understood to the russian ministry of the interior, in truth but only on kadyrow commands hort, three of the suspicious. Leading head of the ministry of the interior and the intelligence service FSB exists in the moscow their displeasure that they are tied to them in chechnya. The power struggle between the moscow security services and the chechen ruler kadyrov has now called some human life.

Apply kadyrov is committed by the radical policy challenges, with which moscow has been confronted for some time. He is aware that in addition to the conflict with the west, the fight in ukraine and the heavy economic crisis, in the caucasus can not allow further escalation. If the russian prasident in chechnya was ramped, the domestic building of russia could get into serrated. After all, in the borders of russia, more than 30 million muslims and other republics could follow the chechen example (the far east russia is in the departure). In the russian arance, chechnya is formally a comparable status as the most predominantly muslim administrative units of the north caucasus, such as dagestan, ingushetia, kabardino-balkaria and tatarstan at the volga ("kratze at the russian…"To).

The ratio between russians and chechens is historically burdened historically. Not only the wars of recent years and decades are responsible for this. The memories of the good deportations during the stalin’s time, which were carried out in the summer of 1942, as the german wehrmacht in the immediate neighborhood grosny’s advanced, are just as prasent in the collective memory of chechen, as the russian campaign in the north caucasus 150 years ago, the leo tolstoi father in his amendment "haji murad" immailed. The mighty empire of the romanovs needed many years to defeat the chechens. A smoldering conflict has remained the region until today.