Olomouc, 24. Marz 2015 – one hundred years ago, they did not know how to go on with the automobile, so that horseless cart, which was best behind a predetermined safety man with red flag. Electric cars were already pretty mature, quiet, comfortable and the ideal taxi in new york, if one could get a.

Also steam had his favor, one knew him from rail vehicles and compressed him at that time at highest performance. So the first vehicle that broke the 200 km / h brand, a stanley rocket, with which the american fred marriott reached 1906 tempo 206. (the 100 km / h brand had been seven years earlier by camille jenatzy on an electric trolley.

The 200 km / h brand fell under steam for the first time

Paradox: first the invention of the electric starter brought the breakthrough for the (hitherto handy-handy) gasoline car, so the modern internal combustion engine, called a concept of which, which drives, gasoline or dieselol. Nevertheless, the question opened: what goods have been, one had developed steam (or electro) drive as consistently as our internal combustion engines?

This question arises in the face of one of the few supervised steam automobiles from the groben ara. I found him in the czech olomouc in the warehouses of mr. Ludvik otto. In addition to other raritate – for example, he has a chevrolet BJ. 1913, actually one of the first gasoline cars with electric starters. This castle of a car, except for tires and interior wallet in the original state since 1920, is so rare that any attempt of a categorization fails. Rural value: oscillatory.

A umenedented former hybrid car

His dimensions are so insignificant that it’s hard to classify the car. The correct term coupe here is somehow hard over the tongue. Even in the limited scene of the steam car, this is the cullinan under the stanley steamers. His history already bugtes: originally he was built in 1916 with gasoline-electric drive at woods electric, which he was the first true hybrid car in the world. (dual power, U.S. Patent nr. 1244045.) father replaced the system through the stanley steam boiler, which made it to the world’s only steam coupe. This happened in 1920 and extended the brand concept to woods-stanley.