Audi shows the study a8 hybrid

Audi shows the study a8 hybrid

Ingolstadt, 2. Marz 2010 – after mercedes and BMW already offered something in this coarse, such an exhibit was expected: audi shows on the geneva motor show (4. To 14. Marz 2010) an audi A8 with hybrid drive. With its relatively uncomplicated parallel architecture, the A8 is a full hybrid that can even drive a little purely electrically. Most interesting, however, is that he works with relatively simple means.

Preserved internal combustion engine

This is mainly at the internal combustion engine used: it is the 2.0 TFSI with four cylinders and 211 hp, who otherwise does some classes underneath his service. The structure of the hybrid drive: A hydraulically rigid wet coupling connects the gasoline engine with the electric motor, which at the same time as a generator service and it brings to 33 kw and 211 nm. It follows an eight-speed automation, in between a separating clutch, which replaces the torque converter together with the electric motor. The system performance of the entire drive 180 kw (245 hp), the "system"-torque 480 nm. Because the electric machine developed warm, are integrated in your housing kuhlkanale. The power of the two drives are brought over the front wheels on the strain.

With li-ion battery

The lithium-ion battery of the A8 hybrid is housed in the stern. Their capacity is 1.3 kwh, the operating voltage amounts 266 volts. The trunk volume lies despite the memory at 400 liters. The nearly 1.9 tonnes of heavy sedan is expected to accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in 7.6 seconds, highest speed 235 km / h. The consumption estimates audi to an average of 6.2 liters per 100 kilometers. In city traffic, the hybrid drive saves about 20 percent fuel. Purely electric are up to 65 km / h and a range of two kilometers possible. The E mode can be activated via a corresponding key in the cockpit.

According to audi, the technical architecture of the A8 hybrid should give an outlook for the serial maby Q5 hybrid, which should be presented in 2010. But maybe she is good for the A8; the running culture of the 2.In any case, 0 TFSI were the vehicle class, especially since the support by the electric motor is allowed to provide even more suppleness in everyday operation.