Abwrackpramie: waiting list is from 3. september online

After the number of possible applications for a scrappage scheme reached today, the federal office of economics and export control (BAFA) has closed the online reservation portal for the time being.

However, as announced, the authority will set up a waiting list for 15.000 additional applicants. These can be applied for from thursday, 3. September from 9.00 a.M. At the address www.Ump.Bafa.The customer can submit an online application and register for the waiting list. After that, the online portal will be closed for good, the authority announced today.

Whether and how many of the applicants on the waiting list will still receive a premium of 2,500 euros remains to be seen: they will only be served if the agency sorts out those applications from those already submitted that do not qualify for premium payment. This is the case, for example, if a premium has been requested twice or if application requirements are not met and BAFA sends a rejection notice.

Of the applications processed to date, the BAFA has rejected around one percent – out of a total of almost two million possible applications, a total of around 20,000 rejections have been ied.000 rejection notices were sent out. However, since BAFA’s decisions can be appealed to the administrative court in frankfurt am main, it will be some time before there is clarity about the distribution of the very last scrapping subsidies.